V Guard — not attending complaints

I’m using V guard pumps for last so many years. I have to buy a new pump every time because nobody attends the service complaints. I bought four pumps for the last 5 years.( I can show all the pumps). The service guy here is a cheat. couple of years back he took the pump, after a couple of weeks he returned it without doing anything and charged me. I said I’ll pay only if you show me, the pump is working . He never came back after that and I had to service it locally. I gave a service request a week back(SRno.[protected]. the service guy called, took the address and said he’ll come . Never came and called again. Now I got a message from you saing that “we couldn’t reach your contact No. This is a lie. They contacted me in the same number. Your service is very very very poor. My friend is dealing V guard pumps so i, m forced to buy the same pump because of emergency. I bought the fourth one because nobody turned up. I need to talk to the Manager. I don’t want to deal with these, so called service cheats.


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